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Huashuo Holdings Group - Fenghua Zhengmao fruitful

Jiangxi Huashuo Holdings Group Co., Ltd. was established in August 2005, the industry involved in real estate, construction, materials, wine and many other fields,
At present the Group subsidiaries are: Jiangxi Huashuo Industrial Investment Co., Ltd., Jiangxi Huashuo Ceramics Group Co., Ltd., Jiangxi Huashuo Construction Engineering Group Co., Ltd.,
Jiangxi Huashuo Construction Group Concrete Co., Ltd., Jiangxi Gao'an City Ruijiu limited liability company, Jiangxi Huashuo Real Estate Co., Ltd., industrial diversification, product rich.
Group of fixed assets reached more than three billion yuan, annual sales income of about three billion yuan, the annual tax contribution of more than 100 million yuan, the Group of dry workers to more than 3,000 people,
Each year for the community to make a great contribution to the focus of Jiangxi Province is one of private enterprises.


Huashuo Holdings Group adhere to the "do a hundred years of business, a goal of 10 billion" dream for the enterprise,
That the vast number of consumers to provide safe, healthy, worry-free products as their responsibility,
With high quality services to create greater value.
There is hope there is a dream, dream will be able to build a dream, Huashuo people firmly believe that ASUS will be better tomorrow!

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